Night Shoot in Sofia

Images from my last night shoot on Nezavisimost Square in downtown Sofia (All Images Copyright Johann Brandstätter/ JB Photography, no image may be used in any way without express permission. Please contact me for licensing)

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Gallery: A Ghost Village in Bulgaria

During yet another trip to the abandoned village of Lisets, this time in the early morning, I did some more exploring and added a few nice images to my growing galleries about ghost villages and other abandoned places in Bulgaria. (All Images Copyright Johann Brandstätter / JB Photography) See the complete gallery on my website (

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Call of the Wild…

A shot I took last fall from a plateau high up in the Georgian Caucasus…

Mount Ushba
Mount Ushba, Greater Caucasus

(Image Copyright 2013 © by Johann Brandstätter/ JB Photography)

The image shows the north peak of Mount Ushba (4,690 m), considered one of the most dangerous climbs in the Caucasus (seen from the Shagatkhumari Plateau, high above Mestia in Georgia).

More pictures from the Caucasus in the travel section of my website.

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