Gallery: A Ghost Village in Bulgaria

During yet another trip to the abandoned village of Lisets, this time in the early morning, I did some more exploring and added a few nice images to my growing galleries about ghost villages and other abandoned places in Bulgaria. (All Images Copyright Johann Brandstätter / JB Photography) See the complete gallery on my website (

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Pic Of The Week (16/2013) – Air Pollution Bulgarian Style

The notorious Republika thermal power plant in Pernik, Western Bulgaria (Image Copyright by Johann Brandstätter/JB Photography) The Republika power plant in Pernik, 35 km southwest of Sofia is fired with domestically produced brown coal. In 2009, the lack of an appropriate filtering systems earned Republika the debatable distinction of being named the facility polluting its surroundings […]

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Abandoned Kolkhoz farm

About 30 km north of Sofia are the sites of two industrial-size poultry farms from communist times. The farms are now abandoned for more than 20 years and everything of value has been stripped, including all appliances and electric cables. After the fall of the communist regime in 1989 nobody was either willing or able […]

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