Is your taste in “good” whisky subjective and are whisky awards reliable?

Great article about the sense and non-sense of whisky awards and rankings. It’s all a matter of (your) taste…

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wp-1449380785671.jpgA tasting of Laphroaig, Bowmore and Ardmore single malt whisky (copyright, Maltmileage)

Living in Victoria in Australia, I have access to an abundance of world leading wineries to visit. One afternoon I visited two large wineries: De Bortoli and Yering Station. At Yering station, I opted to be guided through a tasting of Yering Station’s premium wines. One wine was the Yering Station 2013 Shiraz Viognier. On tasting it, it was balanced and palatable but it did not strike me as being much better than any other decent red wine I have tasted. I was then surprised to learn, moments after tasting it, that leading wine critic James Halliday had scored the wine a hugely impressive 98 points. This made me wonder about whether scores which “wine experts” and “whisky experts” attribute to wines are subjective, or whether there are any good reasons to believe these scores are reliable…

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