Tralee and Dingle Railway – Information Wanted

Since I was watching steam locomotives as a kid I can’t help being fascinated by railways, especially historic ones.

My son (approaching 3) has apparently inherited that interest, so on a sunny day in November 2014 we packed up and went to look for what is left of the Tralee & Dingle Railway.

The narrow-gauge line (914mm) was opened 1891 to connect Tralee and Dingle. For various reasons the railway never was a huge success, among others maybe because it took two and a half hours to cover the 51km.

Passenger traffic was abolished 1939, a daily freight train continued to run until 1947. Until 1953 a cattle train was transport livestock to a market.

During the following decades most of the line was dismantled and the tracks removed.

A short stretch was re-opened between Tralee and Blennerville as a tourist attraction from the early 1990s. Currently the two remaining passenger cars are sitting at a yard in Blennerville, overgrown with weeds. As far as I could find out, the only surviving steam loco is kept in the shed in the same yard.

I would highly appreciate any additional information about this piece of Irish railway history! Even more, I am keen to shoot the loco, regardless of its state, and take a couple of images from inside the carriages.

Anybody able to assist, please leave a comment or send me an email: johann[at]jb-photography[dot]org