Impressions from the Helly Hansen Killarney Adventure Race

The 4th Killarney Adventure Race took place on this first Saturday in October and I had the pleasure to be there shooting…

Forget about the frequent downpours that soaked everybody to the skin from the start of the race (including yours truly).

Not that I would be in a shape to participate in such a competition, but I certainly felt infected by the spirit. The athletes were in such a good mood that I couldn’t help feeling the same.

I could not count the many thumbs up, waves, smiles and so on, that people were showing when they saw me pointing my tele zoom at them. Even in the worst weather I got saluted and asked ‘How are you today?’

No surprise that I instantly decided: I’ll be back…

(All images are copyright © Johann Brandstätter Photography. You can contact me for licensing at: johann[at]jb-photography[dot]com)