Nuclear power is here to stay in Bulgaria

After the 2013 change of government in Bulgaria it looks like nuclear power is going to remain a major factor in the country’s energy mix.

Kozloduy NPP
The nuclear power plant in Kozloduy, northern Bulgaria with the two active reactor blocks (Image Copyright Johann Brandstätter/ JB Photography)

The image shows the NPP Kozloduy near the Danube in northern Bulgaria. The two round structures are the reactor containment buildings for blocks 5 and 6, each one delivering a tad over a thousand megawatts.

Since late last year the Bulgarian government is in negotiations with the US energy giant Westinghouse over the construction of one, possibly two, more reactors at Kozloduy. Moreover, plans to revive the abandoned construction of another nuclear power plant near Belene are openly discussed  in parliament.

Bulgaria is already the largest exporter of electric power in the Balkans.

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(Image Copyright Johann Brandstätter/ JB Photography, no image may be used in any way without express permission. Please contact me for licensing)