Three Kinds of Light: ‘Shooting’ the President

On 17 December I was with Guardian journalist Dan Boffey during his hour-long interview with Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev

The president’s palace is not exactly the kind of environment I am usually shooting in, so apart from having to dress up the light situation kind of caught my by surprise. Frankly, it was a b…., err, difficult.

Not only was it unavoidable to shoot against the windows (giving lots of diffused natural light), the room was also lit by fluorescent lights and for half the shots I had to use flash. The alternative – setting the ISO to 6400 – didn’t look too great, so with most of the images I was battling white balance for quite a while.

Eventually I managed not to give the president a skin tone like a zombie, but it sure wasn’t perfect. The Guardian ran the shots anyway, but for use here on my blog I transformed them into b&w (with the added benefit that nobody is going to steal them 😉 )

(All Images Copyright Johann Brandstätter/ JB Photography, no image may be used in any way without express permission. Please contact me for licensing)