A Strange ‘Demonstration’ in Sofia, Bulgaria

After five months of continuous protests against the Socialist-led Bulgarian government, the Bulgarian Socialist Party called for a support rally.

The demonstration was carefully staged with over an hour of speeches and singing, before the thousands marched from the Eagles Bridge towards the parliament. One of the  protesters confirmed that not everybody was participating voluntarily (some people were paid, others like government employees were practically forced).

In a total lack of empathy on the side of the Socialist Party leadership, the protest march was led by three luxury cars, one of them a Mercedes 600 12v Biturbo – no less – priced at approximately 150,000 Euro (I looked it up!). The average salary in Bulgaria is around 2,800 Euro per year; Workers of the World, Unite?

Passing by the Kliment Ochridski University, one of the centers of the unrests in recent weeks, the thousands of alleged government supporters were easily out-shouted by a handful of demonstrators.

And five blocks away the neo-nazis held their own anti-government, anti-foreigners, anti-everything demonstration. Watching them throw a Hitler salute made me think why on earth a Bulgarian could be a  nazi when part of this ideology was that the Slavs – Bulgarians among them – were ‘untermensch’ (sub-human).

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