Pic Of The Week (13/2013) – Dramatic Sky

An abandoned Kolkhoz south of Sofia

Ghost Villages
Abandoned Kolkhoz on a cloudy day

(Image Copyright by Johann Brandstätter/JB Photography)

Countless of these collective farms were established after the communists came to power in Bulgaria. After 1989 the old land owners were reinstated in their properties, but most were no longer able to keep up a working farm, so the majority of the former Kolkhozy are now crumbling to dust.

This particular example of a failed economic policy is located in the village of Yarlovo, south of Sofia.

The shot looks quite impressive as-is, but only by transforming it into black and white the shot creates real impact.

Canon EOS 50D & Tokina 11-16mm AT-X 116 Pro DX (@11mm); f/8; 1/400; ISO 100

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