Pic Of The Week (12/2013) – Old Railway Depot, Sofia

One of the empty halls in the old railway depot behind Sofia’s Central Station:

Old Railway Depot, Sofia
Old Railway Depot, Sofia

(Image Copyright 2013 © by Johann Brandstätter/ JB Photography)

The windows are overgrown with vines and I had to fight my way trough them to get this shot. I was leaning against the window frame to keep the camera steady while trying to avoid having my jacket (and my face) cut to ribbons on the glass fragments sticking out everywhere.

While there is a big fence closing off access to this area from the new railway depot there is an easy way in over a huge field of rubble between the station and the Sofia power plant. The whole area is an El Dorado for the ruins photographer and a home to many of the city’s disadvantaged people.

Canon EOS 50D & Tokina 11-16mm AT-X 116 Pro DX (@12mm); f/14; 1/25; ISO 500

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