Fifth Day of Anti-Government Demonstrations in Bulgaria

Sofia, 20 February 2012: For the fifth day in a row several thousand people took to the street again to demonstrate against low living standard and  high utility prices.

(Image Copyright 2013 © by Johann Brandstätter/ JB Photography)

Since Saturday hundreds of thousands of disgruntled Bulgarians took to the street all over the country. What began as a protest grotesquely high electricity bills quickly turned into a country-wide movement to oust the center-right GERB government of Prime Minsiter Boyko Borisov.

After protests turned violent over the weekend, Borisov handed in his government’s resignation today. The resignation has to be confirmed in parliament on Thursday, which prompted Borisov-supporters to organize a rally via a new Facebook group that quickly gathered tens of thousands of supporters in a few hours.

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