Pic Of The Week (8/2013) – Abandoned Building on a Bright Day

Abandoned house in Western Bulgaria

Abandoned building
Abandoned building near Breznik, Western Bulgaria

(Image Copyright 2013 © by Johann Brandstätter/ JB Photography)

On the way home from another shooting trip in Western Bulgaria I passed by this little house near the town of Breznik. I stands somewhat forlorn on an intersection, completely on its own and  apparently left for good many years ago. The local gypsies stripped the place clean, including the cables, but the structure itself is still sound. Well, more or less.

With a nice late-afternoon light, the deep-blue sky with the Cirrus clouds, I couldn’t resist and stopped to get a few shots.

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Canon EOS 50D & Canon EF 24-105mm L IS USM (@24mm); f/8.0; 1/200; ISO 250