Sofia last-ranking EU city in latest Quality of Living survey

Sofia, 6 December, 2012. According to the latest Quality of Living Index published by the U.S. consulting firm Mercer, Sofia ranks 113th out of 221 cities worldwide, making it the lowest ranking EU city.

(All Images Copyright 2012 © by Johann Brandstätter/ JB Photography)

The survey includes 39 factors such as housing, recreation, public transport, waste disposal and air pollution, to name a few. Looking at the images in the slide show it is easy to understand why Sofia is considered one of the least desirable EU city to live in.

I took all images in the course of one afternoon and I did not have to look too hard to find ample motives to show the reason for the ranking. Most disturbing was a look into the Tsaritsa Johanna Hospital where some of the views are outright scary.


3 thoughts on “Sofia last-ranking EU city in latest Quality of Living survey

  1. I don’t find it that bad. Its dilapidated and cash strapped but people seem happier here than in London where I come from. Quality of living is a relative thing. they could do with fixing the pavements though….

    1. You are right about the pavements; potholes as well: some of them are deep enough to grow fish in 😉

      You should have a look into one of the hospitals, though – Pirogov, for example. That is scary, I assure you!

      1. i’m sure they are bad, but then people don’t pay much in tax here therefore the health service is under funded. i think if people were given the choice on higher taxes and better hospitals, roads and such or low taxes they would choose the lower taxes. thats just how it is. I feel like i’m being mugged every year when i file my tax return. i get nothing from the taxes i pay in the UK. i have no children and rarely go to the doctors or dentist as i try and keep myself healthy. i pay exorbitant road tax on my van which funds the road system as well as crazy fuel duty and VAT.

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