Bulgarian Police During ‘Tomato Revolution’ Rally

Bulgarian police sealing off the parliament in Sofia during the ‘Tomato Revolution’ demonstration, 24 November, 2012

Bulgarian police in front of the parliament in Sofia
Bulgarian police in front of the parliament in Sofia

(Image Copyright 2012 © by Johann Brandstätter/ JB Photography)

About 300 police officers sealed off the Bulgarian parliament 0n 24 November during an anti-corruption rally, called ‘Tomato Revolution’. The tomato quickly became the symbol of an anti-establishment movement in Bulgaria after dissident Nikolay Kolev (61) was arrested earlier during the week when he attempted to throw one at the parliament.

He had announced his action before, saying that he could not tolerate the widespread corruption in the country any longer. The police deemed it right to mobilize 40 officers to apprehend Kolev.

In the wake of this harsh reaction to Kolev’s protest a Facebook group called ‘Tomato Revolution’ gathered several thousand followers in just a few days, hundreds showed up during the rally in front of the parliament throwing tomatoes and other vegetables. Because of the massive police presence none of the projectiles landed anywhere near the building though.

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