‘Golden Hour’ On The Bosporus

The cruise ship Crystal Serenity in Istanbul

Cruise Ship Crystal Serenity
Cruise Ship Crystal Serenity

(Image Copyright 2012 © by Johann Brandstätter/ JB Photography)

The Crystal Serenity in Istanbul, tied off on a pier on the European side of the Bosporus. The Bahamian-flag cruise ship is owned by Crystal Cruises in Japan.

The Crystal Serenity is 250 meters long, has a tonnage of 68,870 gt (gross tonnage) and can accommodate over 1,000 passengers plus about 650 crew.

On that day I was in Istanbul to cover a large demonstration, but since my bus from Sofia arrived in Istanbul before daybreak, I decided to use the ‘Golden Hour’ and do some shooting near the Dolmabahce Palace. Here I spotted this magnificent ship and spent most of the morning to get a shot of the ship with a lot of spray coming up from the wall in the foreground.

In the majority of the 60 or so frames I shot, the spray either covered the bow or collapsed before I pressed the shutter button. On a few shots the autofocus even jumped on the spray, but on this one everything worked perfect. And I like the lighting: a bit of morning red on the ship, everything else still bluish from the night. I did some minimal retouching and tweaked the contrast a little bit, but otherwise the image is as shot.

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