Bulgaria: Unsafe Public Transport in Sofia Despite Millions of EU Money Spent

While €250m was spent on the prestige second Metro line in Sofia, the rest of the public transport system in the Bulgarian capital is cash-strapped and practically on its last legs.

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(Images Copyright © 2012 by Johann Brandstätter/JB Photography)

The Sofia Tram System is quite unique because it not only uses two different tracks (1009 and 1435mm), but also operates eleven different tramway types. Unfortunately trams as well as the infrastructure  are in a deplorable state, resulting in a poor safety record. In 2012 the trams are between 11 years (CDK T6A2-SF) and 55 years (Duewag T4) old!!!

In November 2012 I did a shooting on the Sofia tram system, trying to highlight the many safety flaws that go unchecked, while a total of €250m was pumped into the prestige second Metro line. I didn’t take me long to find dozens of faults that would make maintenance people start running in most other cities…

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