Pic Of The Week (26/2012) – Looking For The Best Angle

This Bulgarian cameraman is doing everything to get the best view:

An inventive cameraman
An inventive cameraman (Image Copyright Johann Brandstätter / JB Photography)

The occasion was one of the largest anti-government demonstrations in Sofia so far this year. Thousands of protesters rallied against a controversial amendment to the Bulgarian Forestry Act, blocking one of the main traffic arteries in Sofia every evening for almost a week.

For more shots from these protest have a look at my website.

Canon EOS 50D & Canon EF 4/24-105mm L IS USM; f/4; 1/200; ISO 500


5 thoughts on “Pic Of The Week (26/2012) – Looking For The Best Angle

  1. Some great photos of the protest! I’m going to write about it on my blog this afternoon, hope I can come up with as unusual an angle as your photographer there!

    1. Zo, if you want to use images for your blog post, feel free to do so, provided
      – images are not in any way altered
      – they are credited: Image Copyright Johann Brandstätter
      – and most importantly, they are NOT used for any commercial purposes

      (sorry for the fuss, but have to make $$$ with my shots and have to be careful about my copyright)

      A link to my website (http://www.jb-photography.org) would also be nice, but that’s up to you.


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