Military Photos: DDH 181 Hyuga (Japan)

The 13,950 ts Hyuga, classified as helicopter destroyer:

Japanese DDH Hyuga
Japanese helicopter destroyer Hyuga (DDH 181) (Image Copyright JMSDF)

The image above shows the Hyuga in formation with a U.S. flat-top and an amphibious assault ship or landing ship (right edge); note the CH-46 on the deck.

The primary role of the Hyuga and its sister-ship Ise is anti-submarine warfare (ASW), for that purpose they can up to 11 SH-60K Sea Hawk and/or MCH-101 Merlin helos, but I cannot see any reason why they wouldn’t be able to accommodate the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter.

More information about the Hyuga-class DDH’s on Naval Technology, or for those speaking Japanese on the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force website.


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