Pic Of The Week (21/2012)

The second bridge crossing the Danube river between Bulgaria and Romania about a year from its completion.

Danube Bridge 2 constructed between Vidin (Bulgaria) and Calafat (Romania)
Danube Bridge 2 constructed between Vidin (Bulgaria) and Calafat (Romania)

(Image Copyright Johann Brandstätter/JB Photography)

The so-called Danube Bridge 2 is a major milestone in the Pan-European Transport Corridor that connects Central Europe to Turkey. Although the construction is in its second deadline extension, a senior representative of the Spanish construction company FCC confirmed during my interview that before April 2013  no road traffic is going to cross the bridge, trains will not be able to use the bridge before May or June next year. Total project cost is 320 million Euro.

The shot above was possible because FCC organized a guided tour of the construction site for me which included a boat ride around the bridge pylons in the navigation channel of the Danube.

Thank god I am used to work on wobbly boats, so my keep-rate was all right, but I had myself wedged between the cabin roof and the transom of the boat to keep the camera steady. The harsh light and the bright clouds in the background were a real pain in the behind, but Photoshop took care of that.

Canon EOS 50D & Canon EF 4/24-105 L IS USM; f/4.0; 1/80; ISO 1250