Pic Of The Week (19/2012)

A big smile from a Zulu warrior during the opening ceremony of the South African Week of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria.

A big smile from a Zulu warrior
Zulu warrior showing a friendly smile after the dance performance at opening of the South African Week of Culture in Sofia

(Image Copyright Johann Brandstätter/JB Photography)

The performances of a group of 14 Zulu dancers were definitely the highlight of the opening ceremony of this cultural event, especially since all of them seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves, their smiles a stark contrast to the usually grumpy faces of the locals.

The location of the event could have been better because – apart from the fact that there is no parking available nearby – the light was fading fast under the trees and at first I had an ugly, empty outdoor pool in the frame. A few minutes later I had an idea though, I jumped into the pool and had the perfect position for shooting the dance performance without the need to wriggle between the handful of guests attending the ceremony.

The Zulus are performing again next Friday, 11 May, and I’m definitely not going to miss that occasion!

Technical note: Although I did some of the shots during the event at ISO 1250 because I wanted to avoid using flash as far a possible, the level of noise in the images is quite bearable, much to my surprise.

Canon EOS 50D & Canon EF 4/24-105 L IS USM; f/4.0; 1/80; ISO 1250


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