Bulgarian Ex-Communists Stage Protest Against Government’s Social Policy

Thousands supporting the ex-communist Bulgarian Socialist Party rallied in front of the parliament in Sofia on Labor Day. A “Day of Rage” was declared by party leader Sergei Stanishev to protest against raising unemployment and poor living standards.

The demonstration took place in bright weather and scorching temperatures which apparently had a calming effect on the demonstrators because whatever the speakers had to say and regardless how hard they tried, to rouse the masses, the atmosphere was more like in a pleasant weekend outing than a “Day of Rage”.

After an hour of shooting I was drenched in sweat and definitely ready for some shade and a cool drink, so while the demonstrators marched down Tsarigradsko Shose – one of the main thoroughfares in Sofia – creating a major traffic chaos in the process, I abandoned the event to quickly upload my images for Demotix.

More images from the Labor Day demonstration in Sofia on my website: JB Photography.