Mt. Belmeken In Bulgaria’s Rila Mountains

Wanting to do some plain old landscape shooting for a change, I decided to make use of the brilliant weather this week and went up Mt. Belmeken, one of the higher peaks (2,626 m) in the eastern Rila Mountains.

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(All Images Copyright Johann Brandstätter/JB Photography)

The walk up the Belmeken has no particular challenges apart from a pretty steep middle section and (at this time of the year) the mushy snow that makes going up a torture, but coming down a pleasure. During most of the way up the south-facing slope I had the sun beating down on my back and the reflection from the snow in my face. I felt like a hamburger in one of those solar ovens and the skin on my face only didn’t get crunchy because I used my hard-core sun screen (zinc paste).

But once I was up on the summit ridge a nice breeze made the heat bearable and I spent some time shooting (and massaging my aching legs…) before sliding back down in a third the time it took me to get up.

A technical note: when shooting a snowy landscape, especially on a sunny day, don’t forget to overexpose your shots to at least 2/3 of a stop! Otherwise your shots will end up way too dark because your metering is getting tricked by all those little highlights in the snow. 

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