Judging For The Agahi Awards 2012

Agahi Awards 2012
Agahi Awards 2012 - Shaping the Future of Journalism (Graphic courtesy Agahi Awards)

In the course of researching for a photo documentary in Pakistan’s tribal areas I have been asked by the organizers of the Agahi Award 2012  if I would be willing to go on their evaluation committee for entries in the photojournalism-category. Of course I am happy to accept this invitation!

The Agahi Award is the first journalism award in Pakistan launched 2011 by Mishal Pakistan as a media development initiative. The goal is to recognize the best journalists working on such issues as terrorism, conflict, media safety, etc.

Here is what Agahi has to say about the program:

AGAHI, a programme launched in 2011 by Mishal Pakistan, is increasing the capacity of Investigative and Responsible Journalism in the country. This programme aims to use institutionalized sustainable media structures in Pakistan to raise the bar of journalistic standards. The programme has been able to successfully create a debate amongst the journalists from Multan, Karachi, Rawalpindi/Islamabad and Mirpur-AJK on media ethics, interfaith harmony, anti-money laundering and the importance of investigative journalism.