Bulgarian Farmers Demonstrating Against Government Policy

Despite the pouring rain about a thousand protesters – farmers and supporters – gathered in front of the Alexander Nevski Cathedral in central Sofia today to demonstrate for higher government subsidies and more EU money. (All Images Copyright Johann Brandstatter / JB Photography)

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While most of the participants arrived by bus, roughly 170 came with their tractors from all over Bulgaria, some from places more than a hundred kilometers away. The expected traffic chaos did not happen because the farmers – not wanting to cause too much of a hassle – drove their machines into Sofia during the night.

The farmers could have saved themselves the trouble, because from around 10 a.m. the police closed off the area around the Nevski Cathedral and blocked several streets between parliament and council of ministers  for hours, causing major disruptions in the district.

Shooting almost three hours in  pouring rain was not exactly my idea of fun and I was a bit concerned about my gear as well. But the EOS 50D with my favorite 24-105mm L lens worked flawlessly. At home I dried everything off and checked for any moisture: not a drop. The 50D does not have a heavy-duty weather sealing like the 1D, but occasionally I have to shoot in foul weather (like last August in Kosovo) and usually use a shower cap to protect the camera body. But even without that, the camera so far never gave up on me. Thanks Canon…

(Johann Brandstatter, 6 Dec 2011)